Trunk Restoration Service

So you’ve just inherited a very cool antique trunk that you would like to have restored, or you have had an old, beat-up trunk that once belonged to your great-great-great uncle in your garage, and it’s time to have it repaired and refinished, to use as furniture in your home or office.

"We just received my EXPERTLY restored trunk.  I am sure that if my grandfather were still alive, he would love your work!  Thank you so much for performing an EXCELLENT restoration!!!"     Rich H.  Portland OR.

Maybe you just purchased a funky looking trunk at a yard sale and would like it to look new again. or, you think “That Louis Vuitton antique trunk in the basement would look great in the living room, if only it wasn’t full of mold and more presentable….”

GREAT idea to get these restored! Here’s why:

We can expertly repair, refinish and restore your antique trunk, making it a possession that you will be proud to own, and to display. Once restored, it will last for generations, and will be a centerpiece heirloom. We can restore any trunk back to its original condition, and what’s the best part?   YOU can pick the color of the exterior you think would best suit your décor, if you like. Want a more modern feel for your trunk while having it remain true to its historical background?    No problem! We can re-cover exteriors in fabrics or colors of your choosing, or remove present coverings and refinish the wood underneath for a more rustic look and feel.

This is why it is important that we speak before starting any restoration project. The word “restore” means many things, to many different people and, because it is YOUR antique trunk, it should suit your specific vision when complete. Want to start enjoying, instead of storing, your trunk?

Here’s how


Take pictures of your trunk, inside and out so that we can see its condition.


EMAIL the pictures to us at, and make sure to include your phone number and best time to call you.


We’ll review the photos and then, within a few hours, we will call you to discuss:
  • What you would like the trunk to look like once restored
  • Best ways to pack and ship your trunk (and some great tips to save money in doing so!)
  • Turn-around time: How long it will take for us to complete the job
  • Price estimate, how much this will cost to complete.

The next step will be to ship your trunk to our shop (we’ll talk about it all in step #3) and once it arrives, we will make sure you know that it is resting in our shop, waiting its turn to be restored, the way you want it!