ANTIQUE TRUNK RESTORATION & DESIGN is a dedicated husband and wife team who have devoted the past 20 years to the conservation, and also marketing, of every variety of antique and vintage trunk.  Known for having deep insight into each clients needs, the team specializes in authentic restorations to last for generations and also creative solutions to challenges caused by age and even centuries of wear and tear.  The company is well versed in trunk building and production and typically restores and repairs over 100 trunks per year.  The list of clients includes major corporations, high profile families and individuals, members of the Hollywood elite and also people world-wide who have engaged the services of the company, and have applauded their work.  Known for diligence, flexibility and achieving desired results, ANTIQUE TRUNK RESTORATION & DESIGN remains the leader in this niche of antique chests and trunks.

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"If you are thinking about getting a trunk restored, these are the folks to go to.  You will not be sorry."
                                                                                      KENNETH F.         Ogden UT

Not only can you purchase a fully restored antique or vintage trunk right here, we can also restore, repair or refinish your antique or vintage trunk!  With the highest level of expertise, combined with decades of experience, we can bring back to life that precious heirloom that has been collecting dust in your home, and turn it into a beautiful, clean, eye-catching and useful piece of furniture that will last for generations and one that you will be able to use and start enjoying immediately.  One of the most beautiful pieces of furniture that you could ever imagine could be hiding, right now, within your home or storage area and a restoration will preserve that heirloom for life.  Preserving the family legacy, adding a practical, useful and beautiful restored antique trunk to your home decor and also thinking "green", to recycle that trunk back into the world are all great reasons to restore your antique trunk.


Or maybe you have recently acquired an antique chest or antique trunk and are now wondering how to restore it.  Have you inherited an antique steamer trunk which has been in the family for years, and you now want to fix it up and have it preserved, professionally?  If you are looking for an antique trunk restoration company with years of experience to restore your antique trunk, which specializes in not only all brands of American antique and vintage steamer trunks, cabin trunks, Jenny Lind trunks, wardrobe trunks but also French trunks (Louis Vuitton, Goyard and more), you are in the right place and we welcome the opportunity to work with you! Whatever brand or make of antique or vintage trunk you have, we've probably worked on one just like yours, and we know how to restore antique trunks, we know how to refinish antique  trunks, we know how to repair antique trunks and we know how to make you happy!

            David G.  Santa Clarita, CA 

 Our mission is antique trunks...and that's all we do!   Our reputation remains unmatched with hundreds of happy clients and our work is regularly seen (and praised!) in national and local media worldwide.  To learn more about how to get the restoration of your antique trunk underway,  just click on the above tab labeled "TRUNK RESTORATION SERVICE", where you'll see our helpful step by step, simple guide that walks you through everything you need to know.  We offer the best rates, expert craftsmanship and will perform the restoration to work within your time frame.  Additionally, if you can supply us with a verifiable quote in writing for the restoration of your trunk from any of our competitors, we will beat that price!

We are often asked a question that, while it has no simple answer and is always the subject of controversy, is addressed within the tab labeled ANTIQUE TRUNK

RESTORATION SERVICES.  Should you get your antique chest restored?  Will it increase in value, or be less valuable once completed?.   People who would like to have a better understanding of the pros and cons of having their antique trunk restored, and how it might increase the value of their trunk, should definitely give this a quick read.


Do you have a Louis Vuitton antique trunk, or a Goyard trunk that you would like to have restored?  Look no further!  Over the years we have restored, refinished and refurbished countless trunks by the great French trunk makers and are experts with all vintages and models made by these premier trunk builders.  Do you have a Louis Vuitton Rayee, a Damier or a Trianon?  We have restored large and small models of each and with incredible results.  Give us a call for more information about this specialized service that we offer.


Aside from performing restorations for all, we also offer antique trunks for sale which we have restored, refinished and, in some cases, redesigned.  As artists, we enjoy being creative with an old trunk that we've found and you can see and purchase some of these by clicking on the above tab labeled "TRUNKS FOR SALE".  You can also see more of these antique trunks and antique chests by clicking on the tab above which reads "GALLERY".  If you are looking for decorative home storage, end of bed storage or just more home storage and organization, an antique trunk could be the solution you are looking for.


Another service we offer is building custom trunks.  We can design and build a custom trunk for you with genuine antique hardware, modern hardware, any choice of fabric or leather in any size or style you want.  We can work with you in designing a trunk or chest that will fit perfectly with your decor in the home, or in the office.  Let us put our years of expertise to work for you in creating that piece that will add "Wow!" to any environment.  And remember, each piece is unique, and entirely made by hand, just like back in the 19th century. 

Hospitality applications?  Just let us know.  We'll put our design skills into making a working space, a friendly place!  Want to give your boutique hotel or restaurant character that will be remembered?  We can also offer you quantity discounts that will work with every budget.  If you are an interior design professional, give us a call and let us show you how we can solve difficult spacing problems.  How about adding a wardrobe trunk to those rooms with limited closet space?   Utilizing a steamer trunk as a coffee table trunk can personalize any environment, and also lend needed extra storage space too, with elegance and style.  We are seeing old trunks blending fabulously within mid-century contexts too.   A decorative trunk can punctuate a multitude of applications and will always be in the center of conversation because of timeless style and memory.  It's been said than an antique trunk will add soul and warmth to any room!


                                                                                             Linda H.  Stillwater, MN                                           


Before / After Restoration

The below images are of two different antique storage trunks which we have fully restored. On the left is a Taylor Wardrobe trunk and on the right is an Antique Louis Vuitton Rayee trunk with before and after, restoration pictures.